logo1inv.JPG (22038 bytes) Red Canyon

hoodoo~2.JPG (48054 bytes) Casto Canyon Trail - Fat Track baby! Gentle, loving 5 mile climb Straight up to Casto Springs. Pass through Red Rocks and HooDoos whose beauty is only rivaled by Bryce Canyon, the red sand sculpture oasis.

Losse Canyon - 3 mile gentle single track climb. Stunning Red Rock Scenery. This one's good for the whole family.

Cassidy Trail - Connects Casto Canyon to Losse Canyon. Extends into Red Canyon state park off Hwy. 12. 16 miles of intense climbing and descending. It has its Technical moments, Intermediate to advanced riders will have fun. Ride through Pine country and Red Rock HooDoos, you get it all on this one. This is one exciting trail.

Thunder Mountain Trail - Starts north of Red Canyon State Park. It’s an up and down trail across top of Plateau. Fast, fat track switch back descent to entrance of Red Canyon state park. This is the one you’ll be telling everyone back home about!

Chimney Trail - Starts at the King Creek campground at Tropic Reservoir. A 2 mile fat track climb primer, then tight, steep, exposed switchback descent around Red Rock arches, chimneys and other Mars-like formations (sounds like some place else we know? Starts with an S). This trail is for the Gnarly only.


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